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Miner wont start post reboot

Rebooted my mining rigs, now when it boots I can see all OK and all GPUs detecting, fans noise they where working, but no hashrate reported in and when logging into HiveOS the miner wont start ???

have tried the following

  1. Reflashing the USB with a new HiveOS image
  2. Switching flightsheets with a different Miner
  3. Rebooting
  4. Unplugging all GPU’s apart from 1
  5. Removed any overclocks

Miner Log gives me no information.

Cant see anything wrong on the main screen either

How many rigs are you working with?
And are you able communicate with rigs from remote access?

Hi @HiveKal ,

Was only 1 rig that was having the issue, was able to fully log into it via Shell but only showed the above. I have since identified the issue upon looking closer.

Issue: it would appear that it was a GPU mod issue. When I upgraded the BIOS on one of the cards it stuffed up, have since rolled back the BIOS update within HiveOs and now its all up and running again.

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