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Miner turns off after 30 minutes of mining

For the past few weeks my miner has been working great, (small time but growing) i have 2 nvidia cards and i went to add a RX 580 XXX (AMD) to my rig. It ran great for about 7 hours but now i am running into an error. Unprompted and doesnt even bring up any errors my rig will either just stop running the mining algo or reboot. i’ve tried changing the algo, and i’ve noticed that the 580x wont let me change its overclock. Im sure this is a driver issue but hiveos wont allow you to just change drivers. Is there a certain version of hiveOS that has the newer or a different amd driver?

I am also using the standard AMD driver installed on hiveos which i think is 20.4

post foto with OC settings and cards…
Tell me the miners you use and what pool…
U have mod the bios of amd card?

Pheonixminer, ethermine
The Bios is the original factory bios.
As you can see its ignoring the OC which usually means driver issues, if its a bios issue I have no idea how to fix that.

Hive os version ?

This gpu is also not dead as I have used it in my testing rig.

Leave from Phoenix miner … many people have problems… Trex for nvidia or lol and Team red miner for Amd… You know how to setup in your flight sheet?

Yes I do, As I don’t have a separate rig set up for amd, ill go with lol
I will post an update on if lol works.
So far OC is still ignored

Oc for amd 1180 core vdd 870 mem at 2050… lets start with this…
For 1660 super core 1100 mem 1600-1700 …
for 1070 core 150 mem 800…
Try this and PM with results

Just crashed, ive tried those OC settings for my nvidia cards before and got no more MH than i get now, or it was a super low MH/w rate.

Do u restart your RIG ?

Entire rig rebooted, making me think that the drivers aren’t letting me change the OC which is making the card crash.

Do u remove the PL ?

Did what you said getting about 3 less mh/s now, no PL.
Ill be most happy if it just works for an extended period of time.

Post foto with oc …

There is something else with your rig… Your connections to risers is with 6 pin or sata?
You have 130watt at 1070…

sata, my 580 is connected through the actual pcie slot, so your saying i need a better riser for my 1070?

Always use 6 pin connection to risers and cards… In some special gpu’s may use 4 pin molex…
i think your sata cable running hot right now…!!!

Put your 1070 to first pci slot …remove it from riser and check the oc after…

Move the 580 to the riser?