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Miner sudenly restarts and boots only with few cards

Hi I am running 8 GPU rig with RX 5600XT and 5700 XT, everything was completely OK till yesterday. System did restart (miner reported GPU 0,1,3 and 5 dead at same time). After reboot system started only showing GPU 2, 4, 6 and 7… (as it is on chart bellow)

Restart didnt work, so I had turned on maintanance mode without loading drivers. System load all of those GPUs (0-7), and everything looked OK. Then I had performed system restart and all GPUs looked ok even without maintanance mode and were running at full power.

First time it happend yesterday afternoon (after few days of stable) and second time toninght… (second drop of reported HR in chart)

Any idea what could cause it? Here are my OCs, which were stabe until now…

sorry guys, it was HW (Power) related issue - one of SATA power cable for risers has burned… the one which powered those cards…

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