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Miner stops reporting to pool

Hello, I just started testing hiveos and I’m beginning to like it, but I’m running into this:
I have 1 system that is being reported offline by nanopool, and 1 online.
They have the same wallet, same miner and oc settings.
Using ethminer, nanopool, nvidia 1070 cards.
Looking at hiveos minitoring, the hashrates look fine. Looking at the account page at nanopool, 1 systems is consistently reporting, the other start for a short while and then stops.

–report-hashrate --api-port 3334 -HWMON
-v 9

The logs give no errors. DAG is generated, jobs received, solutions submitted.

How to debug this?


Update, adding the default --farm-recheck 500 does not make a difference.

Yes I am the same issue, look my post …