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Miner Stops Randomly

I am currently running 3x 3090FEs with upgraded pads (all purchased retail) using nbminer (latest per flight sheet config). Recently I upgraded HiveOS versions and installed 2 of the 3 cards as new cards I just acquired. I am running some overclocks on them, but nothing that I would consider anywhere close to unstable. Current OC settings are:
Card 0: 66% Fan, 1200 Core, 2800 Mem, 285w - 125.5mh 46/84c
Card 1: 66% Fan, 1500 Core, 2800 Mem, 300w - 125.4mh 50/86c
Card 2: 66% Fan, 1150 Core, 2800 Mem, 300w - 125.4mh 48/86c

In fact, this rig can run for 12+ hours with no issues and all temps stay at 84/86c. But then overnight it just stops mining in the middle of the night without rhyme or reason. All I see the the following when I look at the terminal. The rig is still running, the cards just stop mining. If I reboot, the rig and all three cards pic up like nothing happened. Looking for any insight someone else may have.

reduce oc on cards that crash and reboot.

repeat until stable

Dropped the mem value on the card that appears to be the issue. Crazy how dropping by a mere 50 makes a world of difference.

Thank you @keaton_hiveon

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