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Miner stops, all GPUs gone

Hi there,

I have the problem, that sometimes, my miner stops, seems offline and no GPUs are visible on my Android phone HiveOS App.

After I reboot my Rig, all is fine and runs again for some hours. This happens unregularly, but at least 1 to 2 times a day. I am using T-Rex Miner.

Is there any logfile, where I can find the reason for that strange behavior?


change the miner, and see…if that continues - its hardware error…
how old is your rig?
recently i had issue - old BIOS battery caused the rig to lose BIOS settings and not to mine…
its 1:1000000 but - it happened to me
so just keep that in mind anyway if your rig continues to act strange!

Good luck!

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