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Miner Stats with Gaps

Good Afternoon Everyone. I have been using HiveOS for about 3 months now. Mining ETH using NBminer I see small gaps, up to 30 minutes, in my Hash statistics, worker / overview. I have no messages from the miner showing for the miner to have been down. Anyone experience this?

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The statistics server is currently under heavy load. Devs known about this issue and hardly working on solving it.
It has no effect on mining at all


Maybe. This happened to me a few days ago. Yesterday my rig went down for a bit, and this morning my rig kept rebooting itself (Phoenix Miner initiated reboot); I recently upgraded so now I downgraded to [email protected] We’ll see how this goes :confused: So far it its working. The upgrade did not include a new version of PhoenixMiner.

I used to be able to go several days without problems, but with the latest version that time is around 11 hours.