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Miner start but crash

So i was Mining normaly over a week

3gpus amd
Gpu0 directly x16
Gpu 1 and 2 on x1 riser

Than i get My other riser and put into The x16 slot and starts The claymore normaly and over a while Just give a Black screen and don’t miner anymore

What i alredy try?!
Change de gpu plug in The x16 slot
Change The riser
Just let The Gpu0 on The system
Change The type of display connector (dvi or hdmi)

My psu is fine The risers too The Mb too because i was mining for a long time

Resume: The system crashes over a while IF i put The x1 riser on The x16 slot

Its starts but not for long

I alredy lookup on The fóruns and found no issue like Mine
Sorry by my bad english.

In Portuguese Brazil

Eu estava minerando normalmente por uma semana

3gpu amd
GPU0 direto na entrada x16
Gpu 1 e 2 nos riser pcie x1

Coloquei meu otro riser na entrada x16 aí já era
Da tela preta em 1min sem Avisar nada

Já tentei tudo o que pode ser.

i have the same issue, my rig runs normal for 10 min to several hours and than it changes to black screen and stop mining.