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Miner shutsdown and reboots it self after 30 min

Hello everyone,
I have been mining for quite some time , but as of late I am having an issue what I cannot solve so here I am seeking for help.
I have a 10x AMD 580 8gb rig and it runs on ETH, it always worked no issues what so ever. But now it runs for a few hours (Sometimes a whole day). It shuts down and reboots after 30 minutes. The power consumption remains the same aswell, could it be that it is still running and that hive doesn’t recognise it or are we dealing with something else? I have tried multiple things aswell:
-Another mobo
-Another RAM sticks
-Another PSU
Is someone familiar with this problem? Or shall we figure it out together ?

I’d apprieciate the help!

Check the Gpu’s some of them not performing well…also check all power cables (remove it and install them as well)…

In what way do you mean ?
I plugged them all out and cleaned them. Stat wise they are all running on 26 ~ 28 mhs, because I don’t want to push things as of right now. The PSU that is connected has all the cables in 1 bundle. Only thing I didn’t change are the risers. Wouldn’t make sense to me if it is the risers that make it crash since the machine runs for several hours before it crashes.

If you are sure for power cables and psu , the problem is in your OC settings for this cards…

I will check once more what I can do for the OC , but I didn’t apply heavy OC on them… I’ll let you know.