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Miner restart constantly

You can see my mining :pick: is not constantly, see the green bar , Every few hours it will stop for a little while but on the top the error message didn’t show anything , those messages are over a day and not relate with it.

I can’t not monitor it 24/7 , how can I look up the history and see what was happen b4 at that time

Much appreciated

post OC settings also disable WatchGuard dog …until u find the solution

The green line is lost packets from you and the pool you have select ,does not affect your mining process… your mining hashrate to the pool its a yellow line… and your are ok… (the both exist as they are for statistics values)
As for your error for nvidia’s at 1660 super go to PL and set 125 and check … (Also lower your core and mem …you are burning this card 66c is way too much…Put fan at 90%)