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Miner Rebooting every couple minutes after adding 8th GPU

So I just added a 3rd RX570 8gb GPU to my RX5700XT rig and my miner now reboots itself every ~3 min. Im on a Biostar TB250 BTC Pro. Powered risers by Sata cable. Corsair ATX1600 running hiveos beta by SSD. Any advice would be great! Thank you!! I should add that the screenshot of the rig isn’t fully mining at capacity as it crashes before reaching its full MH potential. image|281x500


I may have just solved it by powering the 8th gpu riser with a PCIe 6 pin instead of sata. Maybe my miner just doesn’t like sata for that? Although all my other risers are powered with sata. Interesting.

For safety reasons you MUST put on risers 6 pin power cable…specialy to 5700 's …

Makes sense and I’ll do that now. Thank you!

If your problem does not solved… message me…

You found the correct solution. The SATA you were on didnt supply enough because it was maxed out. No problem, it needs more power with a 6pin PCIe, if you have more sata open, add another cable but make sure its not over utilized. I run 2 risers per sata cable, no more and they run smooth, no problems. Its nice to use that 6 pin if you have the extra power, because obviously youre using multiple PSU to support all of the cards.

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