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Miner Reboot

Currently problem is the miner reboots every time the miner hits about 8 minutes of good run time.
5700xt 8 Card rig
new ssd drive
All new hardware
This occurs with both a flash drive hive system as well as a ssd drive
I stopped the cpu mining of xmr to see if it made any difference and that was a no.
Ran the rig with only one card (various cards). Same issue.
I have been plagued with this for a month now.
Average hash rate of 305 vs 420hs is what it runs at due to all the reboots.
phoenixminer and team red miner used.
Temps below 70c on memory
Ambiant air temps 55F
New EVGA Gold power supply and cables. Power at wall is 1050W
H110Pro mother board. 8g Ram, cat 6 from modem. Other rigs run for weeks with no reboots.

What should I look at next

Check your power consuption… check allt he power cables (maybe you draw lot of power with this cards… and your power supply is poor …

Does anyone out there have any advice. I tried to update the amd drivers after watching youtube. The drivers updated i believe but the system still reboots every 8 minutes.