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Miner reboot frequently with watchdog on, otherwise high LA with watchdog off

happy new year to all.
I’m experiencing a frequent rebooting (50+ times per half-day) to my miner with watchdog on, the errors are always “no hash rate”…one of my GPS has a similar fan speed performance/downtime as the ETHASH green line shows…when I turned off the watchdog, then the LA went up high (4~5).
has anyone seen that before? (i tried to take off that suspicious GPU and keep the watchdog on…but “re-booting” is still occurring
unnamed 3333

any ideas or solutions?

Switch to locked core clocks and no power limits. If the driver continues to crash (showing 0% fan) it means your memory speed is too high usually, just reduce and reboot each time it crashes until it stabilizes. The locked core clocks should help a lot though.

hey Keaton,

Thanks for your response.

I took off that GPU and continue to run the miner with the other 3 GPUs…and the machine is still rebooting at a high frequency.

do you think this problem is caused by that specific GPU? (which isn’t on the machine anymore) OR somewhere else?


Any errors? Can you post a full screenshot your your worker overview screen?

actually, it got stabilized since this everning…no more crashes after i removed the “broke” driver…I will let the machine run through the whole night and check again. thanks for your recommendations so much.

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