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Miner not hashing

hello there,
I am having troubles with my mining system.
Everything was good yesterday but now it doesn’t.
on the farm section I can see 1 worker is online and 10 gpu in red and not in white meaning that I have problem there but IDK what is it…can figure out.
I have checked the wallet and flight sheet, watchdog and autofan.
on the worker section it shows no hash (n/a)

check risers, check in BIOS if mining mode is enabled, check power to the cards…
it could be many things…but if all cards are offline - it might be power suppy ( risers, cables and etc) ot motherboard
how old is that rig?
if there is BIOS mods - check
if no, pull the BIOS battery and wait 5 min, put it back and plug a cable to one of the cards
try to enter the BIOS and check all settings

if still no luck - you got bigger problem!

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