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Miner mining but showing offline in Hiveos Farm

I boot my miner and the system comes up and starts to mine fine.

Graphics card is RTX 3060 2504 LHRv2 and Ryzen 5800x processor

I am mining ERG on the GPU and XMR on the CPU.

Both happily start mining away and i can see them on the appropriate pool websites and their hash-rates.

The farm shows the computer connected to it when it booted but shows it as offline.

Sometimes running a hello or net-test fixes the problem others it stays offline for a random period of time sometimes hours before it connects and stats show up.

I had a look in the agent screen and can see the following syntax errors (see image below)

Can anyone provide any assistance ?

Agent-screen restart seems to get the connection working but I have this problem every time I boot the machine.

Graphs under stats still doesn’t show anything for the monero cpu mining.

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