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Miner log location

hive os vr-0.5-82
were are the miner logs located i was tring to tail the log for my miner from a ssh connection i tried
watch tail /var/miner/xrmig-amd
watch tail /var/miner/xrmig
watch tail /var/log/syslog
and got /var/miner/xrmig-amd’ for reading: No such file or directory for the first two
and system log worked for system log… but not what i want…
i want to watch the same log as in the farm / worker api when you send the miner log command and it prints a log for the miner


i had logs off
sent command logs-on
is my path correct?
and file name should be whateverMiner/whateverMiner.log? right?

I think it should be:

Can’t you just browse folders once you are in ssh?!?

yha i can… i mean i did. and couldn’t find them. after i posted my question. i realized i had to send the the logs-on switch command. haven’t been back in since i started saving logs to disk. just thought I’d check on the path and file name as long as i already posted the question

Also, instead of watch tail just use tail -f .

yha your right -f would be better i guess

Hi guys, I have several rigs that are problematic. One or two GPUs on each rig will hang in OpenCL call, and eventually crash the rig. I have to hard reset by switching the PSU off then on again. Now, when I go to check the log file upon the next reboot, the logs have all been erased. I checked the /var/log/miner/* (I am using ethminer so * = ethminer in this case) and the ethminer.log file which was there before reboot has been deleted.

Is there any way to view this log file upon the next reboot?

P.s. I have also tried modifying the crontab entries and comment out any of the log clearing lines without any luck either.