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Miner is turned on, but stops working with no error log, no indication of what the problem is. GPUs just STOP suddenly

Hey guys, a week ago, my miner will just randomly stop mining. The worker itself doesnt shut off, lights and cpu fan are still running, but all 5 GPUs will just suddenly stop mining.

HiveOS, which i have running on a monitor, where it shows the live operations, will also just stop and shut down. No error message to be show neither on HiveOS or on the monitor, it just suddenly goes offline.

Im unable to restart the miner normally, generally when i encounter a problem, its with a single GPU, and it works after i send a command on HiveOS to reset, or if i force restart it using the restart button i installed onto the worker. But neither works, i held the restart button for well over 30 seconds and no shutdown occurs. Only by switching off the power does it shutdown.

It boots up normally when i turn the power back on. No log or error message appears. After a while, this problem happens again.

Ive tried checking everything is properly plugged in like 4 times already. Im clueless as to what is causing this

Are you on the latest bios/hive image/hive software versions?

What cards and clocks?

Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview screen?

Hey there, here is an image of the miner offline and one where its online. Im currently keeping it turned off until i get some replies to figure out, because im scared of continuosly turning the miner on and off using the power switch, which is the only way to turn it off once this issue occurs.


Start with updating everything. Everything is out of date by a good bit.

You can run hive-replace -s -y In the shell to update your base image/drivers etc.
hive should automatically update teamredminer as well after.
Remove the memory voltages you have set as Polaris cards have the core and memory voltages fixed together.
Then if you continue to have issues reduce your memory ocs, id start on the one from the error messages.

You have a bad risers. Change them.

I’ve seen this happen when the OC voltages are too low. Are you running modded bioses or stock?

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