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Miner fails to log on after AMD card bios flash

I used the built in flash bios function of hiveos. It failed to flash the bios I selected, but once I checked the “overwrite security” check box it flashed successfully.

It asked me to reboot, I did, and now the miner hangs on the intro hive screen. “a start job is running for HiveOS” ~27s.

before that; drm:amdgput_device_init [amdgpu]] *error hw_init of IP block <gfx_v8_)> failed -22

Any ideas?

I threw an rx560 in its place and it logs on…did I brick this card even though it said flash ok?


now my 4GB rx560 says it doesn’t have enough memory to allocate the DAG :frowning:


now my 4GB 1050ti doesn’t work. I updated hiveOS today, can I roll back to previous version?

ok, did some more experimenting. For some reason, no matter which card is GPU 0 in claymore, it gives the DAG error (removed 1050ti). This wasn’t happening before the OS update this afternoon.

Is this a known issue w/claymore or today’s version of hiveOS 0.5.51?

ok, solved 2nd problem. For some reason yesterday when I tried to set a 2nd miner (xmr-stak) for GPU 0, it didn’t work. Today, it decided to work and it was taking the GPU 0 memory. Disabled GPU 0 on xmr-stak and back to normal.

The flashed bios card still makes HiveOS hang. I’ll throw it in my windows rig and see if it works at all.