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Miner doesn't start anymore

Hi there,

Since a few weeks, I had a lot of invalid shares by mining ETH on Phoenix Miner.

It has been fixed by switching Hiveon pool EU to RU and tweaking some OC …

Now miner doesn’t want to start anymore.

I tried to :

  • Switch to Ethminer
  • Set OC to default
  • Switch to Hiveon RU and Nanopool

None of this worked.

I read on Reddit and btctalk that it happens on Windows

Here are my logs


OC settings : Screenshot_6

any advice?

Do you have 4GB GPU RAM?

yes I do

DAG already reached? ffffkkkkk me :’(

Yes … you can change to teamredminer, it’s working still… at lower hashrate … 30->29 MH/s

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