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Miner crashing (socket write error 2)

Hi community
Trying to solve this problem that never occured but since some days/weeks, It does
Miner below has been running fine for ~8h to this

First, I linked to latency, load error linked to
I (may be otherones too) got regular problem when loading farm, “Bad data error”, loop hive logo, partial loading, aso

Settings are
-miniZ 2.2c
-Nicehash Zhash SSL connection
-8GB RAM (3 used) main board G4400 2 cores
5.15.0-hiveos #110

Any idea ?

Some kind of network error, maybe try another pool and see if it crashes?

Thanks for replying Keaton

It looks indeed server side. What I discovered :

  • If miniZ is set with
    –pers=ZelProof or BgoldPoW/ BitcoinZ
    –par=125,4 or 144,5
    –jobtimeout 300
    –retries 3

Then it works flawlessly, even with swapping coin Nicehash side

  • If i set usual settings
    –pers auto

Then the miner fully stop, waits too much or crashes

This sounds to be bad socket open/closing Nicehash pool side