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Miner crashing after some time, cannot access logs


I could really use your help guys, recently my rig started crashing after 3-7 hours its random at this point. No idea what it may be causing it. When i get notification on phone and look at screen its just blackscreen. Tried to look for logs but no luck. Getting lastrun_noappend.log.’ for reading: No such file or directory. Cant see them on pendrive either. (I did use command logs-on)

Please help.

So got into logs, i didnt understand guide properly… but whenever i open them through tail -n 100 command all i get is strange signs and whole mc changes to unreadable mess.

Hi @szujson ,

The last time I used the log file have the same issue. Don’t Panic. Copy the file into your pendrive and try open it in your PC with some software of your choice. I remember I use Visual Studio Code (nice colors details) then find the hour and minute it crashes and see what you get…

I hope this help you !!

Got the file. I will try to read it. Will post here if i cant understand it.

Update: nothing in the logs history just ends on “job received” no errors, nothing. Any ideas?

Hi @szujson

Let me see. Check list:

1.- First use the easy why (command on terminal): miner (and see whats happen) Ahh sorry yes yes you cannot spend 7 hours looking the screen. LOL Go to Step 2
2.- turn on log from terminal | with command logs-on
3.- Check if you have HDD or space in pendrive?
4.- You are copying or reading the log file from: /var/log/miner/your miner program/your miner program.log
5.- I don’t have more ideas !!!

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