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Miner crashes on "Started Hive" after it boots

Hey guys, recently did a deep clean of my miner and when i went to boot it, it freezes at this exact point every time.
Miner boots normally but crashes specifically when the sceen says “Started Hive”. I have to hold the power button to shut it down, since the system becomes frozen at this point.

Have tried switching the rams in place and unpugling and testing individual GPUs, dont know what else.
Here is where it crashes:

System info. Tried to upgrade the HiveOS version but it crashes before it can patch.

Halp :frowning:
Full error message that appears:

flash the latest stable image, yours is like a year old. then test with a single card, and add one as you go until you find the cultprit.

There is a lot you said there that i didnt quite understand, can you explain in a bit more detail please? :sweat_smile:

Flash the latest stable image, download from the hive install web page and flash preferably a new usb/ssd with that. Downlaod your rig.conf from the worker settings over to the root of the new drive.

See if that helps, if not, remove all cards and make sure hive boots like normal, then add 1 card at a time if they work as intended

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