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Miner Crash after 8 hours

I’ve been experiencing miner crashes randomly. Originally thought it was OC’s but I went with very conservative setup today. As the title states I was 8 hours into this run and I crashed with the following error: Code 8 - Process Crashed.

This happened while building the DAG for each card.

Any idea what could be causing this 8 hours into mining? I believe OC’s are reasonable and I have 2500w (2 psu’s) powering 6 cards + risers.

Looks like your ocs could use some improvements. Switch all to locked core clocks, also it’s worth using trex for lhr cards as you’ll get some more hashrate that way, and then teamredminer for the amd card. I would start there and see if the crashing continues

Okay I’ll give it a try today. Thanks

Hi, did you able to solve the problem? I got the same error.

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