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Miner changing automatically (to claymore) even when not configured

Is there anyone else with problems with HiveOS automatically changing to CLAYMORE miner even when CLAYMORE is not configured? I don’t know what else to do or configure and every day or every two days HIVEOS changes the miner (to CLAYMORE) when I want/need to use CCMINER.
Can anyone help or could this “bug” (if it is a bug) be fixed?
I’m wasting my time always checking if I have the correct miner running,
wasting energy mining “nothing” and obviously loosing money.
Some help would be nice.

It seems that I’m the only one with this problem. Moving to Nicehash while not solved.

…not the only one

check your logs and to witch address claymore is mining.

i found my miner was using following address: 0xfdcd138596ac1ecb3e7e0b5e074152d753df41f6
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Hi jopski.
Copied from another Post…

But is this a CLAYMORE problem or a HIVEOS bug?
If I’m not using CLAYMORE, and I don’t have CLAYMORE configured to run, not CLAYMORE in any wallet, it shouldn’t be running and so, it shouldn’t be able to “do nothing”.
Isn’t it HIVEOS that starts the miners?
Is CLAYMORE running without being started by HIVEOS?

  1. it’s bug of wallet
  2. corrupted FS and as result running default configuration where if no miner set then hive running claymore with address from template

Hi HaloGenius

And is there a way to solve the problem?
I deleted all my wallets and recreated them from scratch and didn’t solve the problem.
Do you think a FyleSystem Check can solve the problem or at least “find” the problem?
The default configuration is “hard coded” or can we change it?
Sorry for so many questions?

Client side of HiveOS is open source and mostly written in shell scripts. Only miners which distributed only in binary can’t be changed.
So if you can and if you know what to change - you can change it

Check miner tunning page, check what miner and wallet you are running/ It’s common problem when user running wallet and choose wrong miner or something else