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Miner change

hello everyone, im mining on phoenix miner but if i want to change the miner nothing happens no mining at all on all miners can anyone help?

There are lots of miners, but you might want to consider the ones Hive OS Team recommends as a start and trouble shoot from there based on the GPUs you are using:

Recommended Miners
All these miners have been thoroughly tested and consistently come out on top in terms of stability and performance:

TeamRedMiner | lolMiner for AMD GPUs.
lolMiner | T-Rex | GMiner for Nvidia GPUs.
lolMiner for Hybrid workers (AMD+Nvidia GPUs).

NOTE: We do not recommend the following miners:

Claymore - Obsolete, development has been completely halted.
Ethminer - Solid open source miner, but not updated and no proper support for new gen GPUs.
Phoenixminer - Known to deliberately inflate local hashrates(2,5%-3,5% most of the time). Also causing numerous issues pool-side (bad luck, low profitability)
NBMiner - Inflates displayed hashrates (2%-3%).

If you feel like diving into specifics and running your own tests:

The Ultimate Mining Platform | Official HiveOS Community Discord