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Miner card detection not working on any update starting from 0.6-214@220331

I am having issues will all updates starting from 0.6-214@220331 on my AMD rig. Miners will not detect two of my cards (RX6800 and RX6800 XT both Powercolor). Everything is fine on prior versions. I have tried both my TRM and Lol miner flightsheets but they only work on prior versions.

Can you show a screenshot of your workers overview page?

I am back running a working version but overview screen shows all cards detected and then when the miner starts its show them black out. TRM hangs with message saying card detection stuck then reboots. Lolminer just starts mining without those two cards

Suspect it is configuration related and a full screen shot would help as Keaton requested.

I am having to adjust my 6800 series overclocking more then I thought post 0.6-214 upgrade, but detection and mining have not been the issue from the first moment in my 6800XT/6800 rigs. This is T-rex and TRM:

i have the same issue as well… with new update 0.6-215@220409. AMD 6800xt will crash.

The rig above is my test bench for my production GPUs, it is running on 06-215 now as well.

Adjust your overclocks, check amd-info to confirm settings, etc.

The release notes state it included improved AMD card detection which is actually the complete opposite in my case.

Here it is working successfully on an earlier HiveOS release (what I am currently running):

Up your core voltage on the problem card, or lower the core clock some. The card is hanging due to too aggressive clocks with not enough voltage, nothing to do with card detection

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The overclocks are fine on all prior versions. Its mining right now and has for days on those overclocks.

Can you post the output for amd-info for 06:00?

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I removed all core and memory voltages and kept clocks the same and it works. Trying just 700mv on the core but amd-info reports the voltage is only 675mv:

Will just keep uping voltage until it works I suppose but I don’t really want to use more power if it was stable on earlier versions.

Is that before or after changing the voltages? On the old or current hive version?


Gotcha, I was curious on the before as I suspect the core voltage you had set on the older version wasn’t being applied due to a intermittent bug on some older versions.

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That 6800XT (powercolor) and another 6800 powercolor card are not exactly running where I set them on core voltage. 6800XT set at 770mv and running at 737mv and the 6800 is set to 740mv but runs at 812mv (and pulls more power too).

Try changing the mvdd and applying, (if it’s 1250, change to 1251) then check the core voltage via amd info. Let me know if it changes

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