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Mine with Hiveos on my personal computer


I try to add my personal computer in my farm. I already have one RIG and I try to use the same procedure to start with my personal computer (flash a usb with hive, etc) but hiveos doesn’t find my computer…

Can someone help me with a procedure to boot the computer with hiveos? I found nothing on the forum nor Google…

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:


Have you set up in BIOS to boot from USB drive first?

I tried but nothing happened… I must not do it the right way.

Once the USB key flashed, I should set up the bios to boot with USB key first, right? And then, how to lunch it? Restart the computer?

Yes, if bios is set up correctly. Restarting should boot HiveOS.

It is at this part that I got some difficulty and it seems that I’m not alone… do you know where I can find a procedure about that?

Thank you for your help

Here is two youtube videos. Your bios will probably look different.

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