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Min 125W Power Limit, Enlargement Pill not work

I just move over from NiceHash to HiveOS couple of days ago. I’ve searched google and this forum but not getting issues resolved, and need some help.

The screenshot was taken before I increased the fan for comparison. The settings seem to be optimal for my rig after playing around for couple of days.

  1. In NiceHash, GPU2 (2070) was hashing at 43MH with -500 2200 89W 53C. But in HiveOS, it errors PL below 125W on all cards. I noticed some users here posted PL below 125W. How is this possible?

  2. When I turn on the Enlargement Pill on one of the 1080ti, it also sets it for all other cards. I can’t seems to set it just for one card. Also it makes no difference in MH whether it’s on or off. What’s the secret to getting it to work?

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