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MHs Lower with HiveOs

New to HiveOs and I am getting lower hastrate with it than I was getting before. I have overclocked my cards the same was before but I was getting 31+ on my 1660 Supers directly on lolminer/bitfly now I am getting 27/28. Is that normal? What else can I tweak to get them running better?

Please share your current settings. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I greatly appreciate it. What specifically can I send you to assist with this?

Does this help at all?


Does this help.

It doesn’t look like you have any setting for the core, would suggest setting it to absolute 930.

Awesome, thanks that did it. I o/c myself before Hive and I used the presets here when I started with Hive. The preset didn’t adjust the core.

I have always had this one darn card that just won’t o/c properly. Still doing it but everything is up over 31. I played with that lager a couple of times but always run out of time. Any thoughts on that one? I think it is just the card.

I think with that one it’s might be the luck of the silicon lottery that I’ve heard other mention. I have one card, the o/c I’ve have lower than any of the other, because if I have it any higher it seems to eventually make my rig unstable and I have had to manually restart the rig because it freezes up. I’ve though about reselling it on ebay, but will probably wait until I feel I’ve gotten at least some of ROI before I do. That one is 1660 Super with Micron vram, which already seem to perform less well than Samsumg or Hynix.

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