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MEV archer dao possible?

I wanted to know is using Archer Dao possible on the Hive?

I have 4 5700xt running on HiveOS on an SSD. No monitors or anything controlling remotely with Laptop. Only been doing this for 2 weeks. Have very little computer background learning as I go.

I am mining Eth. On Ethermine with phoenixminer. It says to

Restart your node(s) with the following additional [command-line flag] value:

–txpool.locals “0xa2cD5b9D50d19fDFd2F37CbaE0e880F9ce327837”

So if it is possible…where do I put this?

I asked Archer Dao admin and they said it is possible to use on GPU mining and he sent the link above. But i am too computer illiterate to navigate this on my own.

Anybody have any idea what I need to do?


Non credo che ancora sia supportato da hive.os
Ho provato a dare il comando ma neanche parte il minatore!