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Merging unpaid balance (below threshold) with new wallet address?

I am 50% on way to payout to ETH address ABC using hiveon pool.

If I switch to a new ETH payout address, I start at 0% again. Last time I switched a payout, I literally stopped mining when the payout occurred (100% to 0%) Switched my address, started mining again…all good.

But what If I switch payout address at 50% of payout threshold? Is there any way to payout that 50% balance or merge that mined ETH with the new payout address?

Or is my method above the only way to not lose my mined coins?

thanks all.

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What will happen is that that balance will be paid out on the 28th of that month if the wallet has been inactive for more than a week. They retain your old address on file and the payout will go to the old address. This isn’t a problem as the addresses are valid forever if you’re using a address from a exchange. I did this with a 30% payout lingering and the following month on the 28th the payout was successfully sent to the old address and I was then able to move to my ledger Nano x with no issues.

thanks for reply !! good to know !!

They no longer pay out anymore unless you mine 0.1eth. policy has changed.

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