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Memory voltage on RX cards

Just u quick question. Does it eaven matters to input memory controler and memory voltage for rx 580 480 570 470 cards. In Hive it says those settings are only for Navi cards. So does it matters for RX cards? Opened manny OC threads on forum and most poeple put some numbers for those 2 settings buth does it do anything?

Hi there, In my first month of mining I did set the memory voltage for RX 570/580 in my rig. What I found is that the rig is more stable without setting it, therefore I leave it unset. Another fact is that memory voltage can’t be higher than vcore on this cards.

You can set the memory controler voltage but now the memory voltage. Memory voltage is for navi cards. My settings are as follows 1131 corme clock, 831 memory controller voltage, 2050 memory clock, aggressive undervolting on. If you set memory controller voltage it will reduce a bit the watts consumption and heat.

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