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Memory overclocking not work

HiveOs doesnt apply memory clock. I use the latest stable HiveOs version. I also tried the beta version. It is the same. I have no idea why the memory clock doesnt apply. Not set any OC in flight sheet. I have also another rig with the same configuration. It has no problem, It works well. Only this rig has that problem. Could you help me to find a solution, please ?

Nvidia Driver: 525.116.04
HiveOS: 0.6-225@240129
Kernel Version: 5.15.0-hiveos #110

Miner: rigel-ver. 1.14.1
The flight sheet:

The Rig:

Can you show the output of nvtool --clocks ? Also you can just paste pictures, no need to use a 3rd party host and link

This rig works without any problem.

IMAGE nvtool --clocks:

This rigs has the memory set problem.

IMAGE nvtool --clocks:

Both of the rigs use the same flight sheet. No OC in the fligh sheet.

I put OC to the rig flight sheet and remove oc settings in HiveOS overclock page.
(memory set problem one.)

Rigel Miner Extra Config:
–lock-cclock 1125 --lock-mclock 9501 --mclock 1400

Now, the rig works well - without memory oc problem.

You can check and fix the problem if there is a bug.

if you change boot drives between the 2 rigs does the problem follow the drive or the rig?

I switched the flash disc from HOUSE_H01 to HOUSE_H02.
I switched the flash disc from HOUSE_H02 to HOUSE_H01.
The same problem is again on HOUSE_H02.
No problem on HOUSE_H01.

Anyway my problem is fixed by setting oc by using miner config.
I just want to report what hapens.

interesting, i will look into it more. thanks