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Memory missing on GPU (rx580 8gb)



I actually have 2 seperate issues, that i will divide in 2 seperate topics.

I’ve been mining for many years with many rigs and different cards, recently switched to hiveos.

So i have 2 identical 8gpu MSI Armor rx580 (hynix) rigs. When switching to HiveOS, on both rigs the last card wasn’t working.

I have switched out everything, even switched position for both cards, but on both rigs the last card doesn’t work anymore at all. It is recognized tho, but the memory is missing in the overview.

I’d really like to know what it means when the memory is missing and if anyone had this before and resolved it somehow (i’ve moved one of the cards to a new test rig with identical motherboard (Asus Prime 270-A)):

Hope someone can push me in the right direction on this, its making me crazy.

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Ever have any luck with this? I have a few 580, 570 and 470 with the same issue.


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