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Memory access fault by GPU node-4

Hi all. I have 8 AMD 6800 cards in my case. I recently changed the algorithm on the teamred miner and it started giving an error for one card.
Memory access fault by GPU node-4 (Agent handle: 0x555557138e90) on address 0x7f4fbd2c4000. Reason: Page not present or supervisor privilege.

Please help, has anyone encountered something similar.

Try setting more conservative clocks/voltages after each crash and reboot. Repeat until stable

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I am actually experiencing the same thing with my 6600 rig. I am not able to mine any other coin now because of this problem. I’ve tried all manner of overclock/algo combinations, and nothing works. They won’t even mine with absolutely no OC’s. The only coin they are able to mine now is Meowcoin. Which don’t get me wrong, I like the coin, but I would like to be able to mine something else. Hopefully someone has run into this issue and has a fix for it.

No oc is typically the same as bad/poor oc’s. Try lowering oc to very conservative settings, such as ~1000 core clock ~800mv core voltage and 800mhz memory clock, reboot and see what happens