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MediaTek 7922 Wi-Fi onboard how to enable in Hiveos

Hey folks, I have a few motherboards, B550 and B650 motherboards with Wi-Fi onboard. They are using the Mediatek controller 7922.
They are listed in my device list but don’t seem to be activated as I can’t access them trying to set up with the wi-fi command. wlan0 not showing any devices.
How do I get them to be enabled or configured? Do I need to install additional drivers for them?

First i would try the latest beta hive image, as it seems that wifi chipset needs a kernel newer than is on stable. If that doesnt work out of the box you should be able to then follow any guide for getting that wifi chipset working on Ubuntu.

Another option is $5-10 or so wifi usb adapters as MediaTek wifi isnt the most reliable from what ive read.

Ah I see, I did get some D-link USB dongles that I got working finally after some finagling with drivers and such.
I believe the onboard wifi controller did work on my beta Hiveos rig as it runs a Ryzen 7900, but then stopped and disappeared right after I plugged the D-link dongle in, maybe I could try with a fresh copy of beta Hive and leave out the USB dongle and see if it will come back on ?
I have delved a bit into the world of commands for Linux and oh my it is quite the world.
Plug and play definitely easier for me currently.

Yeah, linux can be intimidating, easy to break stuff too. You should be able to just remove it and reboot, but depends on what all it took to get the usb dongle to work in the first place