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Mean hashrate variation before minimal oc settings changes and reboot

Something strange happened to me after doing a little oc tweak and rebooting. My reported and mean hashrate were very similar during a long period of time. I was having some stale shares (nothing major, about 0.03%) in one of my gpus and decided to do a little adjustment, reducing its mem clock from 2025 to 2020 (point 1). You can see what happens below: my reported hashrate holds, but the actual hashrate drops over 8 mh! In point 2 I have already detected this situation, so I decide to reverse that change and restart the rig again but without any success.
Since the change no stale shares are reported in any of my gpus, so I understand that everything should be normal. But as you can see, the actual hashrate does not return to the level before the first change.
Any help with this please?

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