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Managing Multiple Farms

Does managing multiple farms on other peoples accounts have any effect on billing between them?

I am concerned that Client A with 2 rigs will end up having to pay because I’ve deployed 6 rigs to Client B and am managing them both for the customers. (different physical locations, IP, account and mining addresses I’m just set as a trusted user to keep an eye on things)

As some of these clients are multiple hours drive away i don’t want to suddenly find the rigs locked out from mining and have to go out and install a fresh OS (I’m seeing A LOT of account locked/IP banned posts when searching for answers to this question)

I don’t work for HiveOS and nor on hiveos dev team
but what i can suggest to you is:
you have 2 customers X have 2 rigs & Y have 4 rigs, what you can do is:

1- create 1 account, then create Farm X and Farm Y, and you deal with the X,Y to pay you for your services and for hive fees
hive fees will be $3/rig/month which will cost you around $18 per month

2- Create account for customer X, and account for customer Y
customer X will be running for free on Hive cause he have only 2 rigs
customer Y will be charged $12 per month for 4 rigs

3- each customer create their accounts for them self, and deal with charges and payments, and they can delegate you to manage their rigs on their behalf , and deal with them personally for your services. and delegation features can be found inside farm in Access tab