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Malfunction GTX 3090 Asus

Hi, i was mining perfectly until 1 week ago. I took the card to repair for a problem, and now hace this problema. I try downgrade nvidia version and hive OS version and nothing happen.
I have another 3090 but still ok. What can i do yo resolve it?

does the card work? test in another system? are you able to drive a display from it?

Yes the display works fine. I prove it now in a new disc with hive OS recently instaled and the same problem

And the display is connected to the malfunctioning 3090?

Yes, it is

Have you tested it on its own, directly on the board?

Yes i have. When i downgrade the drivers, all the cards said malfunction, but when i yograde again was allá rigth but nota this one.

Do a fresh hive install with the latest stable image, don’t mess with the drivers

I already did it.

But still with the malfunction.

Test on another hive rig? If you have a windows pc, does it show up properly?