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Major low hashrates compared to Windows

I decided to try out Hive OS using my 6 GPU rig.

In Windows, running Phoenix miner for ETHASH, I get a consistent 200 MH/s hashrate.

In HiveOS, it wouldn’t recognize my AMD 5700 and the other cards had dismal rates like 12 MH/s.

My rig does have a mix of GPUs - 3x amd 580, 1x amd 570, 1x amd 5700, and 1x NVIDIA Geforce 1660 ti. Don’t know if that would cause things to go squirrelly but the Dashboard does see all six cards.

I would really like to use the HiveOS so any tips on what to check would be great.

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I could not get to run RX 5700 and RX 5x0 cards on the same rig. The Navi cards run on the beta version of HiveOS.

I would be also be interested knowing if anyone was successful on running both cards on the same rig.


I hooked up another 480 to my rig and the 5700 disappeared like your scenario. Also the 480 didn’t show.

Turns out the PSU didn’t have enough watts (1200 watt). I moved the 480 off the 1200 watt supply and hooked it up to another PSU. Now both cards show.

You might want to check your setup as it may be this that’s causing your 5700 not to appear.

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