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Maintenance completed: action required

The system is now operational. We will continue to closely monitor for any potential issues over the next 24 hours.
Please perform the following recommended technical action now:
Hiveon values your loyalty and is offering a week of waived fees until 23:59 UTC on April 17th. Any fees paid recently will be refunded.

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“The system is now operational.”

So o/c are definitely lost … That’s said. Sure we aren’t going to aplauze for it.
Best we can wish is that “maintenance period” is over.

One week of fees offered is to my mind the minimum you can do. I even can’t imagine how many fried GPU are gone, but I screenshot cards stats before, I’ll got a look “after” apocalypse.

From what ive heard most had their OC templates fully or mostly restored, only losing what they changed in the past few weeks if anything.

Did you manually run the hello command as mentioned in the X post?

If you changed settings after the issues started, your data hasnt fully been restored yet and will be worked on over the next 24hr see:

Over the next 24 hours, we will address issues for users who adjusted their device settings during the maintenance.

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Just to reply that nall my o/c profiles has been restored.

So I am re-eating my words.

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That’s good to hear :pray:

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So wouldn’t Hive be least be less alarmist ?

Because even if the work was long and punishing, everything is recovered !

Well the bad thing is that it happens in the middle of bearish FOMO, when it was worth saving the goods ^^