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Maintanence Mode?

I have 55 rigs. Many nvidia rigs oc settings are missing. I cannot see the workers properly. Most of the nvidia rigs doesnt have oc settings. so the heat and power is too much. I had to power off them. Should i do set again ? Or wait ?

The settings will come back ?

data is in the process of being restored. the recommendation is to leave the rigs online to ensure all the data is restored, but first verify your machines are running the settings youre wanting them to.

you may need to reapply OC settings if your machines were rebooted or restarted while things were down

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I rebooted the workers as soon as I had received the heat warning. Then I realised the oc settings are missing. I had to power off the workers because the high temp and hig power consumption without any oc setting. I didnt backup oc settings for workers. I also realised that some workers name are missing. I see [rig047B91] , [rigD95234] worker name instead of the real worker name. Some workers show missing flighsheet.

I will dont touch anything ( just power off the workers ) if the restore process is done and every setting will come back.

i know any rigs that stayed online (mining or stopped) should have correct names/flight sheets/miners etc some fan, oc profiles and tags are still under the restore process. i am unsure of the current/future state of rigs that were powered off during the restore, will need to wait and see.

you should be able to set OC on any worker now as service is mostly restored.

So what’s the trick to apply o/c profile in console mode ?

You can use nvtool -h to see the syntax for setting nvidia clocks/offsets for memory and core

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At the moment i write those lines, I do like to warn either AMD or Nvidia users : keep an eye to your clocking

For unknown my Nvidia rigs turned max and ran to full power, I have be warned by PSU screaming

If we have to keep rig online for correct restore, it’s still dangerous
I really fear that incoming night, where I wouldn’t be able to act immediately :S

However no o/c restored in the website view

My settings are passed by parameters through miners and o/c set to default. I only use nvtool for reseting them. Miners like Rigel does a perfect job
Nut behaviour is patched with a single Ctrl+C

i was waiting for maintenance. I did not change any overclock on my amd cards. i have 5 rigs total 55 cards. i just turned off my rigs because of high temps and high power usage. Will my overclock come back ? I asked because in warning message they said keep your rigs online. I waited 12 hours and this power usage and temps can be harm my equipment.

I had to set auto fan setting and oc setting for 55 rigs. I set oc settings only for abelian algo. I dont remember my custom oc settings for the other algorithms. It is the worst thing to lose my custom oc settings. I spent too much time to find the sweet spot my graphic cards. I hope I will not face the same problem again.


I do worry because I can’t manage my rigs, since now 3 days …

“Soon” will it really ends a “day” ?

Yes this is the last part of the data restoration, estimated to be complete in ~50 minutes

Nothing has been restored, more that we got yesterday

But thanks Keaton, this chanel on forum was the most informative, links given didn’t work
X is a big black hole.

To network admins. : please do not touch any red button anymore :rofl: (sarcastic, still polite)

Best we can ask is give 1 month of stats to all, so they can browse them and (re)find o/c profile if they did frequent switches