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Mainboard recommendations for at least 5-6 GPUs

Hi Folks!

I got a B460 Gigabyte with 5x Pcie and 2x NVME Slots
Doesnt matter which Slot/or GPU i am using the mainboard wont boot up with more than 4GPUs.

I updated the BIOS as well and set to Gen2 with no Luck. There arent this much options anyway in the BIOS.

So which normal consumer board (better later on for resale) - you can recommend which will run with at least 5-6 GPUS?

How about the Asus Prime Z490 or Z590?
The Z590 has just 4x PCIe but I got a Riser for NVME.
Almost same price tag.

It needs to be LGA 1200.

Thanks in advance!

I just bought msi z390-a pro
only 99 Euro - you can use a pentium gold for low cost.
2 pcie and 4 sli slots - so 6 gpu
I will run this with 6x 6600xt
Will built tomorrow - then the rig will be delivered.
I think thats one of the cheapest options

have you tried switching 4g econding ON?

Great thanks!
Are u sure it will run with 6?
So the z490 and 590 will probably do the jobs as well?!
Cuz i got my CPU on LGA1200 already.

@rkulov Yes its on, but unfortunately it will end up in a boot loop.
When i unplug one card (doesnt matter which) it is booting up.

so there might be something like PCIe slots are duplex. i am not sure but i think on some boards that are not build for mining this happens.

I guess. Do you have any recommendation which board will run for sure?
I decided to upgrade from 4 to 5 or 6 cards and sell my b460.

Dont wont to order a bunch of mainboards to test this out.

you have to search for miner mobos. i guess someone else knows which are these

sure, but there are just a view. I prefer normal boards, cuz no one later on will buy probably a mining board. The h510 BTC is in stock, but it isnt rated well.

Don’t overlook ancient boards for used, cheap, and disposable. This is one of my most stable builds and … it is nearly a decade old and worthless to most:

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Speculating you’ll have to disable a lot of the onboard functions with any of the LGA1200 H470/z490/x590 series mainstream boards to have enough PCI resources for a (6) GPU rig.

The board I posted above has SATA, most USB, extra LAN, etc., disabled or it only detects (5) GPUs.

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Gigabyte Z390 D also works with 6 GPUs, but socket-1151 v2 CPUs like Celeron or Pentium are hard to get and very expensive. I was lucky to buy a Core i3-8100 for 50€ at auction.

ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ 13GPU Mining Motherboard Cryptocurrency

i use this for everytime i build a rig,never had a problem (or at least a serious one) and i bet you car resell fairly easy

I am mining with Z490-p motherboard, 6x gpu, intel celeron g5905 and 8gb of ddr4 ram, its just fine, dont need to do too much settings in bios

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Thanks, yes switched today after b460 just do 5, the asus did it directly with the six.

Have the same specs like u, just 4 instead of 8gb ram. Works fine.

Unfortunately the 6600xt isnt running and the beta version is downloading but after not installing.

Hope an update coming soon. Mostly daily but not when u r waiting :wink:

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