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Main Rig is mining in Hive OS but is inactive in Hiveon

Hi all,

my main Rig is hashing with 572 MH, but in Hiveon it is not visibal as active. I will try to show you screenshots. Somethimes the miner is visabel after a reboot for some hours but then suddenly Hiveon shows him as inactive again.

I am mining with t-rex flightsheet and I am using the same flightsheet with another miner and this one does not show these Hiveon problems.

So I think that is not a big problem, because the rig is always hashing? It is a Hiveon Problem?


Hello !!! I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

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I tried everything, but there was no solution for me.
Hive OS Support was not able to help me.

Solution: finally I moved on to another mining OS and everything worked fine with the same Hardware and Switch Setup.

My opinion: there should be a strange LAN Bug in the Hive OS LAN Settings.