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M2 Pcie slot not detecting GPU

Hi there,
I was trying to get another card up and running using the M.2 PCI slot and riser. this does not seem to pick up in hiveos. even when I remote connect into the miner application, it does not detect my gpu.

Brand new GPU and it works on the normal riser.
I cannot see any BIOS option to enable etc. Does anyone have any ideas around how I can trouble shoot? I have another riser and M2 adaptor, however these all came in the same batch and I have not other Mother board that can run it to test if it is and issue or not.

Should Hiveos pick it up? is there some command I can run in linux to detect new cards or devices or find any failed loading items on boot?
Thanks in advance

Hi, were you able to troubleshoot this issue?

Hi, I am having the same problem as well. Miner completely ignores the GPU on second M2 slot, while booting and mining without any issues. The ignored GPU doesn’t show on any part of HiveOS.

Some motherboards share lanes with the some of SATA slots, in my case if SATA 5 or 6 are in use, the second M2 slot would be disabled, but that’s not my case, as I only use SATA 1 for my SSD.

I have already set PCIE to Gen1 and all other relevant configurations for mining, but no luck.

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