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Lower hash on nanopool then hiveOS

Hi all,

I have a high fluctuation between my HiveOS hashrate and the one showed on nanopool.

Look at picture below.

Can you guys help me get nanopool hash closer to the hiveOS hash ?

Thank you in advance

HiveOS shows you rig’s hashrate power. Another words HiveOS shows what it get from miner software.
Nanopool shows you hashrate based on accepted shares at pool diff for a certain time interval

  1. Your rig seems to not properly overclocked


  1. so its normal for my average hashrate to be 60MH/s lower then what the miner software shows ?


  1. i have 6x RX580 sapphire oc with the below oc settings, can you please let me know how i can improve it ?


  1. i have bios modded all of them as explained by an youtuber, he said to copy all 1500 straps to the above.

Any suggestion on how to improve is welcome.

Thank you in advance

Can anyone help ?

Write to Ilya

Thank you HaloGenius, i have messaged llya and waiting for reply now, i followed the link you gave me also, used google translate alot…( will try some of the suggestions there ) but i think and hope llya will help me improve current stats to my rig

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Copying 1500 straps is risky and unstable. I would stick with 1750 straps and a good OC.