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Lower efficiency Since [email protected] (Lots of rejected)

I’m experiencing increased rejected rate with errors “job not found” across all my 3 rigs. My hashrate remains the same though.

Site 1: | Rig 1 - RX580 - teamredminer | Rig 2 - 3060 Ti - phoenixminer

Site 2: | Rig 3 - 3060 Ti - t-rex miner

All mining eth to Nicehash

[email protected] and before, my efficiency is around 99-99.5%

[email protected] my efficiency floats around 97.5% uniformly across all 3 rigs for 12 hours continuous run.

[email protected] my efficiency went down the drain, with Rig 1 (95.33%), Rig 2 (94.22%), Rig 3 (78.35%) for 30 minutes run

I’ll see how the 210109 works after a day or two, but it seems since 190 (in the changelog, new stable branch) affects the rejected rate. I’m not sure why

Would anyone be able to help?

Update: After 13 hours,
Rig 1: 97.46%
Rig 2: 97.05%
Rig 3: 97.25%

Hi, same here, I thing the problem is from nicehash. I try to switch couple rig from nicehash to nanopool and the efficiency back normal! between 99%-100%.

phoenixminer 5.4c