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Lower coin production

I have only mined for a few days and this will be my first question here.

I have 5 RX 5700 XT GPU’s and are getting around 265Mhash using teamredminer to mine ETH. I have noticed that the amount of ETH per week varies a lot. In the beginning I had about 0.15 ETH a week, but now I get about 0,1 ETH a week.

I did some tweking of the cards to get the system stable, but i thought the hashrate would be the biggest factor of the amount of ETH per week.

Does anybody have time to explain this to a newbie? (Prefferebly in a way that a 8 year old would understand :slight_smile: )

Well difficulty changes all the time… But it usually goes up day in and day out making harder for everyone to get eth… check out whattomine and notice difficulty…

I used to get paid out mining ETH every 14 days now it is 21 days with a faster HashRate.

Compare current times in the context of Dec last year, a short 9 months ago…

Quick glance shows 265MH/s hits .1 ETH in 3 weeks, if you are lucky.

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