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Low shares/ low Pool hashrate TRM

Im using my OC for long time without problems but since yesterday I’m getting a low pool hashrate and low shares with Teamredminer.
Gpu 0 (5700xt) dead did happen before also but once every few days….
Any idea why?

When I try Phoenixminer gpu 2 can’t creat the DAG. (6900xt)
and gminer it’s gpu 1 (6700xt)

Are you adjusting oc when a gpu is crashing? If not it will just keep doing the same. Reboot after any error/crash as well.

I know that if I don’t change my oc it will crash always but the rig reboots itself when gpu 0 is crashing. The other two are rock stable!
That gpu 0 crashes happens every few days and then mines happily further.

I did try to lower the oc. But the big problem is that right now on the pool side I get way less hashrate.

I deleted my oc and startet mining with gminer and TRM but also there is the hashrate lower as usual.

Pheonixminer still couldn’t create a dag even without oc.


This was after lowering my oc and higher SoC values. Few minutes later came again the error: low shares, reboot.
Any idea what’s wrong?

what settings are you running for each card?

I did run without mem oc and higher SoC end core values to check if it would solve the issue but it’s still there

I tried also an older TRM version.

what ping are you getting to the hiveon pool server?

This was my oc with run fine for months

SoC values:




Miner a few days earlyer when everything was fine:

i would try with no soc values, if its stable without, slowly lower down from stock. yours are very low.

Without SoC the rig was for 12 hours stable.
I try to isolate the card that causes the issues.
It seems to be the 6700xt but I have the same oc in my other system and it runs fine!
Pool hashrate is higher then reported!

I will try the 5700xt & 6700xt without SoC and in an other worker the 6900xt

The other worker with the 6700xt that runs fine:

I just did a new worker for the 6900xt alone with my old oc to test it and Pool hashrate is above reported… it only running for 20+min but it looks promising….

Without SoC only oc and two cards…

Will a fresh OS install maybe help?

Never hurts. I would try very conservative clocks and see if it’s stable first though.

First of all,
Big thanks you to try and help me to solve my problem!

It wasn’t my oc or os.
After a fresh install of my os I checked every settings and found that the hashrate watchdog had WD share time set on 2 minutes, idk why, how or when it was set but after changing it to 5 I’m again happy mining again!

So my question, did the pool difficulty increased in the last weeks?

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Difficulty is almost always increasing, unless profitability drops suddenly, it will continue increasing.

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