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Low reward despite high hasrate (only 2 dollars with 160m/hs)


a few days ago, I decided to build a rew rig, because I had a few months break. I use RX 6600 XT´s and BTC-37 Mainboard.

The Rig is working, and I don´t have any problems, expect one: The Rig reaches 160m/hs with ETH, but my reward is 2 dollars per day. I also calculated with cryptocomopare and minerstat. Their result was a reward of 10 dollars per day. Also I tested a single card on Nicehash for 2 weeks, i got 1,5-3 dollars per day, with only ONE card and 32m/hs.

What´s wrong? I hope somebody of you can help me!
Thannks and have a nice day.

i’m mining ergo and since 1month ago , with same settings/hashrate getting about 60% was before !
crazy payrate ?

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